Aitana Lopez: Spain’s First AI-Created Model Taking the Social Media World by Storm

Meet Aitana Lopez, Spain’s trailblazing artificial intelligence (AI)-crafted model, a creation that mirrors reality to such an extent that even a well-known Latin American actor once unknowingly attempted to ask her out. This groundbreaking development comes courtesy of The Clueless, the agency responsible for bringing Aitana to life.

The Genesis of Aitana

In a conversation with Euronews, Ruben Cruz, the visionary behind Aitana and the founder of The Clueless, shared insights into the circumstances that led to the creation of this virtual influencer. The agency, facing challenges and project cancellations often attributed to real influencers or models, decided to carve its own path by introducing Aitana as a model for brands seeking their unique touch.

Aitana’s Daily Life

Aitana’s virtual existence is meticulously curated by a dedicated team, that determines her weekly activities, preferred locations, and Instagram-worthy photos. Using Photoshop, design experts seamlessly integrate the model into diverse settings, while AI technology is employed to generate captivating photos.

The Persona of Aitana: Pink-haired, Fitness Enthusiast, and Complex Character

According to Cruz, Aitana embodies the persona of a 25-year-old vibrant woman hailing from Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city. With pink hair, a passion for fitness, and a complex character, Aitana emerges as a compelling figure in the digital landscape.

Financial Success and Virtual Stardom

Aitana’s popularity is evident through her Instagram following, which surpasses 121,000 and continues to grow daily. Financially, she rakes in over 1000 euros per advertisement, with a monthly income ranging from 3000 to 10,000 euros. Cruz reveals that Aitana’s success has prompted the creation of a second virtual influencer named ‘Maia,’ both names deliberately containing ‘AI’ as a nod to their artificial intelligence origins.

Criticism and Justification

However, the project has not been without its share of criticism, particularly regarding the perceived ‘highly sexualized’ images associated with the virtual models. In response, The Clueless defends its approach, stating that it merely follows the aesthetic established by real influencers and brands.

Aitana Lopez – Redefining the Future of Modeling

In the realm where artificial intelligence meets the influencer industry, Aitana Lopez stands as a groundbreaking creation, challenging conventions and sparking discussions about the future of virtual models. Clueless has not only crafted a digital influencer but has also opened doors to a new era in the world of modeling.

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