Beloved Aurora Catholic School St. Pius X to Close After 64 Years

The Archdiocese of Denver announced a difficult decision this week: St. Pius X Catholic School in Aurora will close its doors after 64 years of serving the community. The closure, effective at the end of the current semester, comes as a shock to many families who were excited to enroll their children for the upcoming year.

Beloved Aurora Catholic School St. Pius X to Close After 64 Years

Years of Financial Strain Lead to Closure

The school has grappled with recurring annual deficits for some time, making it difficult to sustain operations. Acting Superintendent of Catholic Schools Abriana Chilelli acknowledged the school’s contributions, stating, “St. Pius X School has done a wonderful job for many decades…our Aurora community will always be grateful for the work they have done to serve families.”

Short Notice Sparks Frustration and Questions

While the Archdiocese claims the early announcement allows families time to seek other schools, many parents feel blindsided. Katie Stocker, a St. Pius parent, expresses frustration, saying, “They should have been more transparent…Given us more time to prepare.” Some parents, like Erika LeDoux, remain skeptical and question the decision-making process, requesting detailed financial information to understand why their school was chosen for closure.

Beloved Aurora Catholic School St. Pius X to Close After 64 Years

Community Rallies, Seeks Solutions

Faced with the sudden closure, a GoFundMe campaign titled “Saving St. Pius X School” has been launched by determined families aiming to raise $500,000. So far, over $3,700 has been collected, reflecting the community’s deep attachment to the school. However, the Archdiocese remains cautious, highlighting population challenges in the area and the difficulties of relying solely on fundraising.

Moving Forward: Transition and New Opportunities

Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila encourages families to consider St. Therese Catholic School, approximately two miles away. He assures them of a welcoming environment and a dedicated staff. Meanwhile, the Office of Catholic Schools will assist faculty and staff during the transition.

Beloved Aurora Catholic School St. Pius X to Close After 64 Years

Hope Amidst Uncertainty

Although the news is devastating for the St. Pius X community, families hold onto a sliver of hope. Some, like Erika LeDoux, say they’ll still try enrolling their children at the school while keeping their hearts at St. Pius. While the future remains uncertain, the strong bonds forged within the school walls will undoubtedly endure.

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