Google Pixel 9 Series Leaks Hint at New Design and Tensor G4 Chip

Tensor G4 Chi

The tech rumor mill is churning out exciting details about Google’s next-generation Pixel smartphones, the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro. This year, it seems Google might be shaking things up with a three-pronged approach, introducing a new phone alongside the standard and Pro variants. Let’s dive into the recent leaks to see what we can expect from the Pixel 9 lineup.

Google Pixel 9 Series Leaks Hint at New Design and Tensor G4 Chip

A Pixel XL Returns? Introducing the Pixel 9 Pro XL

A leak from the Russian website Rozetked has sent Pixel fans into a frenzy. The leak suggests Google might be reviving the “XL” moniker with the Pixel 9 Pro XL. This phone is rumored to be the largest, boasting a 6.7-inch display compared to the standard Pixel 9’s 6.3 inches and the Pixel 9 Pro’s rumored 6.4 inches.

While the display size is the biggest differentiator, the Pixel 9 Pro XL is also expected to pack the most powerful punch. Benchmarks leaked alongside the phone suggest it achieves the highest AnTuTu score among the three models.

New Design Language or Refined Evolution?

Another exciting aspect of the leaks is the possibility of a new design language for the Pixel 9 series. While details remain hazy, leaked images suggest a departure from the horizontal camera bar design that has been a Pixel signature for a few generations.

However, taking these design leaks with a grain of salt is important. Google has a history of making minor tweaks to the design each year, and these leaks may showcase a refined version of the existing camera bar rather than a complete overhaul.

Google Pixel 9 Series Leaks Hint at New Design and Tensor G4 Chip

Tensor G4: More Power, Fewer Cores?

The leaks also shed light on the rumored Tensor G4 chipset that will power the Pixel 9 series. Google’s custom-designed chip has been a key differentiator for Pixel phones, offering a unique blend of performance and AI capabilities.

The leaks suggest the Tensor G4 will have a different core configuration than its predecessor, the Tensor G3. While the G3 boasted a nine-core setup, the G4 might feature an eight-core design. Interestingly, despite the core count reduction, the leaks claim the G4 achieves higher benchmark scores. This could be due to a combination of factors, such as increased clock speeds for the remaining cores or architectural improvements within the chip itself.

Google Pixel 9 Series Leaks Hint at New Design and Tensor G4 Chip

All to Be Revealed in October: A Pixel for Every Need?

With three potential models on the horizon, Google seems to be catering to a wider range of user preferences. The standard Pixel 9 might offer a balance of performance and affordability, while the Pixel 9 Pro could target power users seeking the best camera and display. The Pixel 9 Pro XL, if the rumors hold true, would be the ultimate Pixel phone with its larger display and potentially the most powerful configuration.

It’s important to remember that these are all leaks, and Google has yet to officially confirm anything. However, they paint an exciting picture of what to expect from the Pixel 9 series. With a potential new design, an upgraded processor, and potentially three models to choose from, Google’s next generation of Pixels could be a major contender in the smartphone market. We’ll have to wait until Google’s official announcement, likely sometime in October, to know for sure.

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